Evidence-based diagnostics

Standard questionnaires have been designed based on researched, evidence-based dimensions that measure and predict successful behaviour.  

Custom third-party questionnaires and diagnostics are also designed in partnership with organisations.

Visual People Analytics

Feedback on diagnostics is provided using visual analytics, to give intuitive and clear insights.

Organisation data, along with an understanding of strategic focus areas, is used to develop analytics that answer questions and guide decision-making.

Coaching and organisational development

Coaching is provided for teams and individuals, and other development initiatives implemented.





We partner in developing and delivering bespoke strategic talent solutions.


Who we are

OmniView was founded when Jo Thomson and Matthew Melville combined forces to provide a solution to a client that needed multi-discipline HR advice combined with technology and analytics solutions to support decision-making.

These solutions expanded to become OmniView, which has provided insight and solutions to local and global companies across multiple industries.

Jo Thomson (B. Soc Sci, MBA, MPhil)

Jo Thomson (B. Soc Sci, MBA, MPhil)


  • More than 30 years of corporate and consulting experience, most at Executive Level
  • Specialist in helping leadership teams deliver and excel.
  • Coach, facilitator and strategist.

Jo works at a strategic and team level within organisations, and is recognised for his ability to bring structure and direction into complex business, strategic programmes and projects. He has effectively partnered with businesses from a wide range of commercial sectors both locally and internationally.

Jo Thomson Consulting clients include Maitland Group, Mazars, Bounty Brands, Old Mutual, TFG, Vital Health Foods, Oceana Group, BNP Paribas, Premier Baking, Riscura, Cipla and Distell.


Matthew Melville (B.Bus Sci (Hons), MRS (SARA))

Matthew Melville (B.Bus Sci (Hons), MRS (SARA))


  • More than 25 years of Corporate and HR Executive experience, specialising in remuneration, benefits and performance management
  • Master accreditation in Remuneration by both the SA Board of People Practices and SA Reward Association.
  • Data analytics expert, blending specialist reward, talent and performance knowledge with Business Intelligence  to enable improved Talent decision-making.

Matthew founded and runs REM Solutions, and has advised and consulted to numerous companies, both locally and globally. These clients include Absa, Woolworths, Santam, PwC, BNP Paribas, TFG, adidas, Ackermans, Woolworths Financial Services, Vital Health Foods, SA Home Loans and others. Matthew also serves and advises Remuneration Committees.

What we do

OmniView transforms data to insights, and insights into solutions.

 This includes:

  • Individual and team assessments
  • Engagement surveys
  • Customised surveys as an independent third-party
  • Talent and reward analysis
  • Customised analysis and insights answering specific organisation questions from existing organisation data
  • Guidance in identifying and prioritising the collection of data that will drive better decision-making

We then partner in applying those insights and effecting change.

This means our tools are not standalone – they are part of a clearly defined process:

1. Asking focused questions, of the people or your data. This is through coaching, assessment tools or existing organisation data, such as reward, talent and performance information

2. Providing specialist insight

3. Providing specialist guidance

4. Guiding change

OmniView uses best-of-breed analytics software and assessment methods – tools within a process that expands our ability as specialists to create new insight and enable evidence-based decision-making for our clients.



OmniView’s suite of tools


– An organisation, division and team engagement survey

OmniView 360

– A unique 360-degree tool that provides intuitive, visual personal insight.


An integrated assessment of talent, performance, succession and reward to ensure that remuneration costs are optimally allocated.


Some recent OmniView clients

Contact us



 Jo Thomson +27 (83) 293-6705‬

Matthew Melville +27 (83) 324-0593